FREE 7 Brilliant Financial Habits

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Want to know you're capable of making wise financial decisions?

With this free guide, you can know the actions that WILL help you create a financial legacy for your children's children! 

What You Get With Your 7 Brilliant Financial Habits Guide:

  • 11 printable pages that help you immediately know you're capable of making wise financial decisions!
  • What habits you're already doing well - so you keep doing them
  • Which habits you need to focus your attention on so you can create a better financial legacy for your family!

This guide has been downloaded by hundreds of other women!

"It is sinking in that I am valuable and I am capable of making wise money decisions for my family."


"I feel more grounded now. I feel more peace, joy and confidence. For me, money used to have so much emotional baggage attached to it and Charissa helped me cut through all the crazy emotions and think more level-headed."


"Since diving into budgeting and paying off debt, it's brought so much freedom to our family."


Charissa Quade

I totally understand what it feels like to be stressed and worried about money. I used to really struggle with that too before I learned what I know now about managing money well.

I've paid off all my debt in less than two years, 10 years ago, saved up and paid $79,755 in cash for my husband's school. I now handle money with peace of mind and confidence. 

This worksheet is the same method that I use! You're going to love it!

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