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FREE 4 Steps to Making More Sales By Aligning Your Money Mindset With the Bible Guide

Want to grow your business in a way that brings honor to God and is aligned with His Word? 

With this free guide, you will see how to BREAKTHROUGH toxic money mindsets that are keeping you from making more sales by aligning your mindsets with Biblical principles! 

What You Get With Your 4 Steps to Making More Money By Aligning Your Money Mindset With the Bible Guide:

  • 9 printable pages that immediately bring clarity around why you've been struggling with making more sales in your business!
  • Discover the 4 B Method - the fastest way to make more sales by aligning your money mindsets with the Word of God!
  • How you can use your business to create a larger impact and bring God glory!

This guide has been downloaded by hundreds of other women!

YAY! I look forward to being in your group. Got the 4 steps. I'm finishing up writing my scriptures tonite. I am ready to shift!


"I feel more grounded now. I feel more peace, joy and confidence. For me, money used to have so much emotional baggage attached to it and Charissa helped me cut through all the crazy emotions and think more level-headed."


"This guide is awesome!"


Charissa Quade

I totally understand what it feels like to fearful of asking for the sale, worried about judgement from others if I was successful, and feeling like there's something inside keeping me from making 'too much' money. I used to really struggle with that too before I learned what I know now about aligning my money mindsets with the Bible. 

As a Service Based Entrepreneur, I paid off all my debt in less than two years, 11 years ago, saved up and paid $79,755 in cash for my husband's school. I now POWERFULLY serve other Christian Service Based Female Entrepreneurs and help them make more sales by aligning their money mindsets with the Bible!

This worksheet is the same method that I use! You're going to love it!

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