Hey legacy creating Christian Female Entrepreneur! 

Are you not creating the Biblical legacy and wealth you desire in your business? 

Mindsets like

  • Is it ok for Christians to be wealthy?
  • What is the worth or value of your services in the marketplace?  
  • Fear of asking for the sale
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Doubt that anyone will even pay you for your services
  • Does wanting more money an idol? 
  • Fear of what others will think about you being successful
  • Fear of rejection
  • Wondering if you're sleazy, spammy, or scammy when you're trying to get clients? 

"I'm feeling more confident in being the coach God has called me to be and that I'm landing more of my ideal clients now. The clients I have now have allowed me to have my highest revenue month yet!"

Charissa Quade

Biblical Money Mindset Coach

If you're an established Female Christian   Entrepreneur and you'd like BIBLICAL SUPPORT to get to the root of the limiting money beliefs keeping you from creating a legacy!

 you're in the right place! 


Do you want to make more sales + create wealth in a way that honors God? 


Do you want to align your money mindset with Biblical principles?


Do you want to leave a financial legacy to your children's children?

Step 1: Watch this short video to get to know Charissa 

She helped me to identify my weak areas in my personal life that were affecting my finances and worked with me to find solutions to overcome them. 

These were hindrances that were preventing me from progressing in my business. I wasn't able to command my worth but in just a short time with Charissa's help I was able to see the light for the first time and close 2 €2500 clients!

Now I'm stepping in faith towards my fortune. I will forever be grateful for Charissa's guidance and insight.

- Paulette 

Step 2: Apply To See If You Qualify 

Now that you know a little more about Charissa and how she supports her clients in developing money mindsets that

  • Develop Confidence in asking for the sale and the value you bring
  • Help you raise your rates and enroll new clients consistently (at the new rate!)
  • Reveal God's desire and purpose in abundantly prospering your in your business


All of my clients experience incredible breakthroughs within the first couple of sessions and end up turn their finances around completely within a few weeks!

Please Note: My calls are for those who want to work with me and need to know the options for how I can support them. 

During this call, we will have a VERY transparent discussion about the money mindsets that have been holding you back from making more sales and creating wealth and where you desire to be in the next 3-6 months. I will then let you know if I have an offer that will support you. 

On the call, you will then decide if you are moving forward and will let me know with a "yes" or a "no". 

BEFORE the call, please ensure you have: "prayed about it", "thought about it" and "spoken with your spouse"- if applicable. 

If your answer is "yes", the payment is collected ON THE CALL, and we will move forward with the next steps. 

If your answer is "no", all good... no hard feelings. I will ask you why you decided not to move forward, for my own purposes (I'm always looking to see how I can improve). 

My services range from $1500 to $3,000 (payment plans available) with 1:1 coaching and group coaching options available for my Becoming a Legacy Builder Coaching program. 

If you would still like to proceed, please click below:

How would it feel to be confident?

  • Convinced you are worthy because of who God created you to be
  • Boldly asking for the sale because you know you're truly serving + loving your clients well
  • Have clients flocking to you SO happy and grateful to be working with you because of the transformation they receive
  • Raising your rates with no hesitation
  • Excited to receive more revenue because you know the good you will do with it and that money is not an idol
  • Watch everyone around you recognize and glorify God because of His incredible favor on your business
  • Love the Lord with ALL of your mind, walking in blessed obedience

Client Success Stories

In just a few weeks, clients have been able to...

Heather Oynes

Personal Finance Coach

It's my highest month ever!

When my newest 1:1 client pays me, it will be my highest payment received yet, and make this my highest business month ever. I'm thrilled to put it into Charissa's spreadsheet and see where it should all go!

Paulette Kumar

Health Coach 

Enrolled TW0 clients at £2,500!

In the last two weeks, I've enrolled TWO clients at £2,500! I'm walking on air and my family all sees it's from God.

Thank you for Charissa, she is a phenomenal woman of God and has helped me stand on the Word of God. She’s helped me immensely. 

Brooke Silberhorn


I raised my rates! 

I've raised my rates for new patients! I've gotten 6 new clients and have offered my higher priced hair + salvia testing. They took me up on it! And I didn't feel like I NEEDED the money when I offered it to them. 

"I'm feeling more confident and landing more of my ideal clients now!!"

Charissa helped me develop a plan of action and to my shock---it works! She cut through all the past feelings of money failure, fear and dread into stress-free easy money management!

 Since I’ve struggled for years, I expected it to take *forever* to get a plan in place, but NO—I’m telling you the truth—in 3 weeks my life has been totally turned around! 

"In 3 weeks my life has been totally turned around!!"


I truly am working on my finances and it feels really good. Things are getting better, I'm not as discouraged. Obviously, it's the power of prayer! Thank you. You are always so kind!


I am very thankful for that wake up call that I received in the program! I've paid off several credit cards, am able to put money into savings and there's light at the end of the tunnel! Thank you for the care and the investment you make in people!


Through Charissa's coaching, my husband and I have paid off over $50k in debt, paid cash for my Master’s Degree, and have made progress toward our savings goals, all while living on one modest income. Following a prioritized budget has changed our life!

More Client Success Stories

"Thank you so much for your teachings--I can't tell you how grateful I am for all of your help! It is sinking in that I am valuable and I am capable of making wise money decisions for my family." Kim

Today is a day of celebration!

Hi Charissa, today is a day of celebration, that took me almost 3 years to get too, but I paid off all my debt. Thank you for ministering to me about my finances. It's the first time in a long time, that I've been able to give generously and it feels really good. You're a part of my celebration.

Sense of being able to control my finances!

Finally, I was debt free in 2012. This was due largely in part to the good financial counselling and encouragement I received from Charissa. Even after the debt was paid off she was there to give good financial advice; willing to talk to me about making wise choices and how necessary it was to plan for the future. Today I remain debt free, freedom peace of mind and a sense of being able to control my finances.

I couldn't be happier!!

We were able to just pay off 2 bills early totaling $3,370. We have also booked our Disney trip for Sept that we desperately wanted to make happen this year. Trip is paid for and we have about $700 for spending/food so far! I couldn't be happier!! Thanks so much for your tips and help!

About Charissa Quade

When I was scared and stressed out about money, as a service-based entrepreneur, I was so desperate for a solution, so I turned to the Bible to figure out how to handle money wisely. 

After years of struggling, I realized the BIGGER PROBLEM was the money mindsets that held me captive. 

As I applied Biblical principles to my money, and most importantly my mindset, I was able to get control of my business finances and  I paid off my debt in two years, becoming debt free in 2010.

Then I saved up and paid $79,775 in cash for my husband's education over the next few years.  All through growing my business and supporting my family with the profits. 

Now, I'm on a mission to help empower established Christian Female Service-Based Entrepreneurs to get on the path to experiencing the financial abundance God has promised and leave a financial legacy to pass down to their children's children and their communities, by aligning their money with their Biblical values. 

I've been featured in the Wives of Integrity Conference and other online events. I've been featured in numerous blogs, podcasts and events. 

I work with my clients 1:1, in group programs, intensives, online courses, and events, both online and in person.  I reside in the Phoenix, AZ area with my husband and I enjoy spending time with family and friends. 

It's Your Time. You were created for this moment.

God has equipped you

You ARE capable of making wise financial decisions in your business which benefits your family! 

God has called you

You are uniquely gifted to be able to manage your business finances in a way creates a financial legacy for your children's children! 

What Are You Waiting For?

It's time for Biblical financial abundance