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Eliminate money stress.  Successful life-long financial plan. God's way.  

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Reduce Money Stress

Gain Confidence

Revolutionize Your Finances!

Do you struggle with Money all the time? 

  • Are you going nuts with the save, cut this or that, and still no extra money?
  • Are you buried under a mountain of debt? 
  •  Is your savings account a constant zilch? 
  • Are you frustrated and discouraged by unexpected expenses?
  • Do you want to pay all the bills and have some left over for the extras?
  • Does handling money make you stressed out and scared? 

Following a prioritized budget has changed our life!

"Through Charissa's tips, my husband and I have been sticking with our budget for over four years. We have paid off over $50k in debt, paid cash for my Master’s Degree, and have made progress toward our savings goals, all while living on one modest income. Following a prioritized budget has changed our life!"


I care about you...

Managing my money God's way has completely transformed my life. 

I understand how it feels to have money struggles and money stress. To be buried under a mountain of debt with a few dollars in savings.

Wondering how on earth would I make it and despartely hoping there'd be enough money to pay all the bills and have money for groceries. I hated all things money related and felt like a failure.

The fear of not being able to provide well for my family drove me into figuring out how to handle money better.

I paid off all our debt in two years, 9 years ago, paid cash for my husband's education, and mastered a budget all on an irregular income. 

Yet, I'm grateful for this sense of failure and these money struggles. 

And that you're experiencing it too. 

Because the next actions you'll take will determine if you're going transform your finances. Or not.

I cannot wait to lead you through your money journey and I'm excited to see how God will show up.


You shouldn't have to live with the stress of paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet, buried under a mountain of debt, with little to no savings, frustrated with the slow progress, and unable to give generously or make an impact on the causes close to your heart.


I remain debt free today with freedom and peace of mind

I had numerous credit card debts,some decades old and I felt trapped in a spiralling cycle of debt with no way out. But finally, I was debt free in 2012, and this was due largely in part to the good financial counselling and encouragement I received from Charissa. Even after the debt was paid off she was there to give good financial advice and willing to talk to me about making wise choices and how necessary it was to plan for the future. Today I remain debt free and have freedom, peace of mind and a sense of being able to control my finances.


You don't have to be scared and stressed

Almost 80% of households admit they're living paycheck to paycheck. Struggling to make their paycheck stretch far enough each week to pay for everything that needs to be paid, plus still have money left over for groceries and other things families need. Savings? Ha. Mountains of debt? Check.

Since nobody wants to be stressed out and scared about money, you should do something about it to provide a better financial future for your family.

I will  guide you on a journey that will show you how to transform your finances. Confidently stick to your budget. Ensure there's always enough money for groceries. A plan of attack to get rid of debt for good. Build up savings so unexpected expenses become inconveniences and there's money for all the extras. Ability to give generously. Peace of mind.

Join The Money Builders' Inner Circle Today. Learn proven methods to handle money confidently from a Biblical perspective. Change your financial future. Use your resources to bless your family and community.


This is for you if...

You want to be able to enjoy life without the constant stress of watching every penny.

Want to build a life-long plan to stick to a budget, pay off mountains of debt, have money in your savings account for emergencies, repairs, and the fun things. 

You want to give generously and have the opportunity (and the extra money) to make a difference in the world around you. 

You want to manage your money God's way and live out the full calling He's given you. 

  • You'll know exactly where your money is going, instead of wondering where it went, when you have a simple, strategic plan to follow. And you'll finally be able to stick to a budget. Bye bye confusion, guilt and sense of failure. 
  • You'll have peace of mind, and a whole lot more money, when you send the last and final payment. Instantly moving to a brand-new status of being completely debt free. You'll walk straighter and breathe easier, no longer drowning in debt.  
  • Unexpected expenses? Mere annoyances because all you have to do is transfer the money from savings. The security of a couple thousand in the bank removes a lot of fear. House repairs, a replacement vehicle, vacation? No worries, you're putting money aside monthly to pay for those with cash. 
  • That dream in your heart? Now you have the option to pursue it. No longer worried, because your family's needs are met and then some. You can use your money to bless those around you and give generously. 
  • Money? No longer a major source of stress or discouragement. You've mastered managing your finances God's way, view money with gratefulness, and as a tool to be used for good. Your faith has grown as you see all the ways God has provided for you.

It's the first time I've been able to give generously

"Hi Charissa, today is a day of celebration, that took me almost 3 years to get too, but I paid off all my debt. With the sale of several high value items, I was able to become debt free. I followed your recommendation of paying off the smallest card first, kept them paid off and didn't use them again. Then one by one I was able to do it. Plus I was able to pay cash for my air conditioner without financing it. Thank you for ministering to me about my finances. It's the first time in a long time, that I've been able to give generously and it feels really good. You're a part of my celebration."


Here's what you'll get each month! 

Monthly Actions

Every month I'm telling you EXACTLY how to improve your finances. I've seen how small changes makes a huge difference in my finances, and they can for you too! Complete the Needle-Mover activity for real results. 

Master Class Training

Each month, I'll bring in an EXPERT to interview on a particular topic that's relevant to your finances. You'll hear from the pros about what's working now. Plus you'll have access to a resource library. 

Biblical Foundation

Monthly teaching on what God says about money and how to manage what He's given us to bless our families and those around us. You have a beautiful calling on your life and it's time to walk in it.

The Community

You'll be a part of a supportive and encouraging community of like-minded women, who want to provide well for their families, honor God with their finances, and use their resources to make an impact on the world around them inside our Facebook group.

Support for the Journey

I'm going to commit to walking beside you. To cheer you on. To teach you. To challenge your fear and move you to action. You've got great things to do with your money!

Group Coaching Calls

Get your personal questions answered LIVE on our monthly group calls. I'll give you direct feedback on your most pressing questions. 

Life's too short to just work and pay bills.

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