Tired of not being able to make future plans, because you don't know if you'll get paid enough with your irregular income? 

Stay on budget.  Free up income to pay off debt. Know how much to save.  

Have a Plan

​​​​Be Fearless

Triumph Over Your Irregular Income!

Do you worry about how to live and succeed on an irregular income?

  • Is it hard to make a budget when you don't know how much money there is to work with? 
  • Struggle to pay extra on your debt because you may make less income next month? 
  • Not sure how to save up enough in the plentiful times to use when it's slow?
  • Frustrated by not being able to plan ahead? 
  • Need a way to predict income dips and plan for them? 

I know how it feels...

I understand how it feels to swing between the woo-hoo months where you feel like you're living in the lap of luxury. 

To wonder if you're going to have enough to pay groceries and all the bills the following month. 

The fear. The worry. Clutching the money you do get because you don't know if there's going to be enough next month. 

I've been there. 

I've lived on an irregular income for 15 years.

And along the way, I paid off all our debt in two years, that was 9 years ago. Saved and paid $79,775 in cash for my husband's education.

Figured out how to predict my income dips and mastered a budget.... all on an irregular income. 

Yet, I'm grateful for this sense of fear and my own struggles with an irregular income. 

And that you're experiencing it too. 

Because the next actions you'll take will determine if you're going transform your finances. Or not.

I cannot wait to teach you how to master an irregular income because you shouldn't have to live with the worry and fear any longer. 


What you'll get inside the class

How to Budget 

You CAN budget an irregular income and I'll teach you the MOST effective and SIMPLE way to pay your monthly bills. 

Save for the Slow Months

Set up a plan so you can navigate the slow months with ease.  Confidently know how much you should save during the woo-hoo month, how to stretch your finances and bring in more income.

Free Up Income to Pay Off Debt

Drop the fear that causes you to hold onto extra income and become debt free as soon as possible. Drop the stress that comes with the debt like a hot potato.

What To Do With Woo Hoo Months

YES! You finally got some extra money... and  now you'll know what to do with that money so you stay on track (and make some serious progress towards your money goals!)

Know How Much Is Coming In

No more guessing and worrying. You can know with confidence how much money you have to work with, when it will arrive and can better predict income dips. 

Have Stability to Make Future Plans

Vacations? Retirement? Medical proceedures?  All doable even with an irregular income. 



Purchase the class. 

Take the first step to living successfully on an irregular income. 



Receive Immediate and Lifetime Access to the Class. 

Each lesson is bitesized and easy to watch in one sitting.



Master your irregular income. Budget, pay off debt and build a plan to save without the fear and worry.

Charissa explains irregular income in a way that even I can understand!

I cannot say enough about Charissa! Such a friendly person and willing to put things in perspective! I've tried every budget tool, app, and program out there and never really found anything that I really understood! But Charissa explains irregular income in a way that even I can understand it! I finally have an actual budget made up and have a plan for the lean months! So glad I found her page, I highly recommend her to anyone who's struggling on an irregular income!


I finally understand how I should budget for our circumstances

I was so happy. I finally understand how I should budget for our circumstances. Seriously! Your help has been so awesome! We're watching the 3rd video tonight.


I use your method and it's helped so much!

We're finally catching up on our bills that were behind and once we do that we'll be putting money towards savings and debts. I do use your method and it has helped so much. I've even been able to get my husband on board too!


Don't suffer from the worry of an irregular income

More than 15 million Americans are living on an irregular income.  Filled with stress and worry. Not knowing how much money is going to come in. The thrill of a woo hoo month followed by the panic caused income dips of a slow month wrecking havoc on your emotions.

Since nobody wants to be stressed out and worried about money, you should do something about it to provide a better financial future for your family.

With 15 years of successfully living on an irregular income, I'll walk you through exactly what you need to do. How to stabalize your income and budget for your expenses. Plan for income dips and woo hoo months. Save money and pay off debt. 

Enroll in the Irregular Income 101 class today. Learn proven methods to handle all the highs and lows of an irregular income. Create stability so you can make future plans and live gracefully. Drop the fear and worry.  

Imagine your irregular income being a source of excitement, a big shovel to reach your financial goals of paying off debt and saving money, because you're finally able to manage your irregular income with confidence

The income dips aren't a big deal, because you have money in savings to even out the low months. In fact, you're looking for ways to create additional income in the slow months since you know they are coming. 

You know how much money is coming in and you can make future plans.... and keep them... because you have a solid plan for saving. You're relieved because you know there's always enough money for groceries at the end of the month and you're able to pay your bills on time. 

The worry and fear about not having enough money, being able to take a vacation, retire gracefully and just plain live, have melted away. 

All because you took the Irregular Income 101 class and learned how to master your irregular income once and for all! 

You shouldn't have to live with worry and fear of the ups and downs of an irregular income. 

Secure Payment

Questions Other Irregular Income Earners Have Asked

What do I get inside the Irregular Income 101 Class? 

Why is this a paid class? Isn't there free info online?

How long do I have access? Do I have to watch it asap? 

How long is the class? 

Is it a one time fee? 

Are results typical or guarenteed? 

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarentee

I want you to be able to master your irregular income - so you can confidently budget, pay off debt, save money and view your irregular income as a blessing. But, if you feel like the Irregular Income 101 class hasn't helped you, send me a note in the first 14 days after purchase and I'll gladly refund your payment. I simply ask that you show me you've done the work and still haven't gotten the desired results. 

Don't suffer from an irregular income any longer.  

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