Biblical Money Mindset - The #1 Fastest Way To Multiply Your Kingdom Legacy And Wealth Through Your Business!

Scripture Based Coaching Is the key element In our Student's success!  

Every business coach tells you to focus on improving your money mindset - but when we looked at how to get our students transformational results - it's been proven that Scripture-Based Coaching is what empowers them and is the key factor in their overall success! 

A $14,091 Value

+PLUS These Limited-Time Bonuses

Business Financial Abundance and Legacy Building Strategy Session

($997 Value)

Get a 45 minute 1-on-1 session designed to empower you to wisely steward the financial abundance and develop a legacy strategy within your business. 

Mindset Power Playlist

($97 Value)

Get a power playlist of Scripture songs you can pop instantly in your earbuds and actively shift your mindset into victory every time fear or doubt or discouragement tries to rear their ugly heads.  

The Becoming a Legacy Builder Method - The Fastest and Most Thorough Way to Partner with God to serve others and make the world a better place through your business

The #1 Money Mindset Coaching program for ambitious christian female entrepreneurs that equips you to create complete confidence in your business, serve multitudes with excellence, and leave a legacy of generosity in ways that reflect God's goodness

12-Weeks of Live Group Coaching to walk you through every module and answer questions!

Build confidence in your God-given identity and call to business, along with confidence in your offers, marketing, and prices. 

Be excited to create godly wealth by partnering with God to make the world a better place

REAL TIME ACCOUNTIBILITY & CELEBRATED WINS with others who are going through the same course as you! 

BE GUIDED BY THE TOP BIBLICAL MONEY MINDSET COACH - aren't you tired of struggling on your own? 


Women are Raving about the Biblical Legacy Builder Method

Heather Oynes, Personal Finance Coach

Brooke Silberhorn, Chiropractor

Michelle Debenport, Business Coach

Discover the Powerful Benefit of Scripture Based Mindset Coaching When You Join Becoming a Legacy Builder

Discover the 'Missing Piece' from other mindset work as you work along the top coach during your 12 week course. Your coach will equip you with Biblical tools and strategies so that you can overcome every obstacle and immediately implement what you learn into your mindset. This will allow you to multiply your legacy and impact in ways that reflect God's goodness and generosity within a couple of weeks! 

What's included:

12-Weeks of live group coaching ($10,000 value)
  • Access our highly effective and brand-new LIVE group coaching for the entire 12 weeks of the course! 
  • Our expert coach will guide you step by step through every lesson and will make sure no question is left unanswered.  
  • Develop accountability and community with others going through BLB at the same time.

Becoming a legacy Builder curriculum ($2,997 value)
  • Becoming a Legacy Builder is designed to renew your money mindset quickly! (Module 1 available May 30)
  •  Short video lessons, workbooks to help you implement and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Look back in 12 weeks having successfully built everything you need to multiply your legacy and wealth in ways that reflect God's generosity!

Get the Proven tools That will take your Money Mindset from a battlefield to victory!

Join the Becoming a Legacy Builder, the proven strategy that grows your confidence, business + legacy, instantly and easily. 

Plus, get these amazing bonuses:

Mindset Power PlayList ($97 Value)

The Word of God and Praise are weapons of warfare! 

This Power Playlist will instantly empower you to shift your mindsets to a one of victory! 

Here's what you'll take away

  • Curated playlist of Scripture songs proven to break the hold fear, shame, discouragement and doubt have on you. 
  • Fill your mind with the presence of God and began to claim the victory you have in Christ. 
  • Powerful mindset tool you can utilize immediately. Any time. Any where.
  • These songs are powerful reminders of who God is, what He has done, and His promises for you. They will reinforce what you learn inside Becoming a Legacy Builder. 
Business Financial Abundance Strategy Session($997 value)

Your Business Financial Abundance Strategy is the #1 tool to manage your wealth as a wise steward. 

This strategy session will empower you and give you a step by step guide to a custom Business Financial Abundance Strategy, that makes it easy to track the financial health of your business. 

We'll make sure your strategy is doable as well as equip you with expert techniques on how to effectively manage your cash flow, even if it's irregular. 

Here's what you'll take away

  • Learn how to accurately forecast how much revenue you need to generate in your business
  • The stress-free secret to confidently managing an irregular cash flow 
  • Know with clarity how to allocate every payment that comes in, so you can pay expenses, pay off business debt, and bring home more money to your family
  • How to overcome the fear of looking at your financial numbers (this is a huge fear many entrepreneurs have!)

Becoming a Legacy Builder Includes

  • 12-Weeks of Live group coaching ($10,000 value)
  • becoming a legacy Builder curriculum ($2,997 value)
  • Mindset power playlist ($97)

Total value: $14,091

Take a Look at what our previous becoming a legacy Builder Members have to say

Michelle Debenport

Jumpstart Business Coach

This investment in myself is the BEST Money I've spent! 

I realized I was passing my poor money mindset on to my son. I NEEDED to break the mindset that hasn't allowed me to receive God's generosity. I'm thankful for this moment, this change of mind, and the work God is doing in my heart through Charissa's teaching. This investment in myself is some of the BEST  money I've ever spent! 

Heather Oynes

Personal Finance Coach

My confidence Has Been Boosted Exponentially!!

Since working with Charissa and allowing God's Word to transform my business money mindset, my confidence in my offer, my offer price, and the way I show up on a sales call has been boosted exponentially. I see the value in what I do, the value for the client, and that it IS worth what I'm charging.

Brooke Silberhorn


I'm Excited to Create Wealth and leave a legacy! 

I'm in awe in the ways God speaks to you as far as pieces of Scripture and how it relates to mindsets that people have around money. It's been so helpful! 

I've struggled with value and worth, and my desire to serve people

But now I know my value and am excited to create wealth and leave a legacy! 

Is The Becoming a Legacy Builder right for YOU?


This course is NOT for just anyone. BLB is for Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to get to the root of limiting beliefs to see massive results!

Does this sound like YOU?...

  • You want a compassionate guide who will show you step by step how to OVERCOME the battlefield in your mind
  • You want PROVEN methods and strategies to approach mindsets about money + business with a Biblical perspective
  • You want to have complete CONFIDENCE in all aspects of your business, the value you bring, and your pricing
  • You want to serve Multitudes and multiply your legacy through your business in ways that reflect God's generosity

If you're... Tired of wasting time + money, struggling with this inner 

battlefield and not seeing VICTORY... Having trouble finding sound

Biblical techniques... Wanting to MULTIPLY your legacy and wealth

FASTER in ways that reflect God's generosity... Then... 

This PROVEN method has helped our students gain complete confidence in their business, serve more clients and earn more revenue and - if you're ready - it can help YOU too!

Becoming a Legacy Builder Includes

  • 12-Weeks of Live group coaching ($10,000 value)
  • becoming a legacy Builder curriculum ($2,997 value)
  • Mindset powerplay List ($97)

Total value: $14,091

Don't miss your chance to get $1,094 Worth of Bonuses Free plus the Becoming a Legacy Builder method!

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Check out the impact BLB has had on our previous BLB Members

I loved that you were so sensitive to my needs and walked me through the process. You were a very important part of my growth of getting past feeling 'not enough' and realizing I AM ENOUGH because HE IS ENOUGH in my business. 


WOW! I feel empowered and am confident that through my hard work and the grace of God, I am moving forward in my business, getting out of debt and building a legacy!


I consider it an answer to prayer to have found a sister in Christ with the expertise and wisdom you have in finances and understanding the things that hinder. 


Your legacy matters. There are multitudes of people who are praying desperately for a transformational solution that only you can provide. God has uniquely equipped you to bring Kingdom restoration to their lives through your business in ways that other businesses never can. 

When you enroll in the Becoming a Legacy Builder Method, my team and I will be there every step of the way.  This is a digital course designed to be finished in 12 weeks, but can be done on YOUR own schedule!

We're here to give you the proven formula to develop a Biblical Money Mindset, coach you until you're confident, then show you how to apply it in your business, so you can show up powerfully in your calling, boldly serve multitudes and cultivate a legacy that reflects God's generosity. 

Your legacy is too important and you shouldn't have to struggle with the battlefield in your mind for another day on your own. 

Let's do this together. 

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