Could your finances be better? 

You could have peace of mind about your money.

Get simple weekly money tips that are easy to apply inside Money Builders Inner Circle so that you can handle money with confidence, have peace of mind, and have the financial future you dream about for your family.

Handle money with confidence. Financial peace of mind. God's way.  

Gain Confidence

Peace of Mind

Revolutionize Your Finances!

Do you struggle with Money all the time? 

  • Are you going nuts with the save, cut this or that, and still no extra money?
  • Are you buried under a mountain of debt? 
  •  Is your savings account a constant zilch? 
  • Are you frustrated and discouraged by unexpected expenses?
  • Do you want to pay all the bills and have some left over for the extras?
  • Does handling money make you stressed out and scared? 

Can I ease your mind a bit?

The truth is, it is really stressful to not have a plan for your money. Also, it's totally normal to worry about the bills and your family's future. You're not a bad person. And you're not alone

You just need the right tools so you can confidently manage your money. 

I have the tools you need. I've helped over 1,640 women just like you - women who want to breathe easy with peace of mind about money.  Who want a better financial future for their families.

Money Builders Inner Circle is designed to show you how to take back control of your finances with simple, weekly money tips you can easily apply. Which will result in confidence with handling money, being able to take care of your family's needs and financial peace.

Why is Money Builders Inner Circle so cheap?

(Is it junk?) 

I’m charging $9.97/month, and here’s why: I’ve been hearing from so many of you that you’re completely strapped for time when it comes to managing your finances, and your funds are super tight. 

My goal is to create an entirely new way to get control of your finances, with the encouragement you crave, that’s both effective and affordable.

Here’s the thing, I’m not some boring finance guy in a suit that talks down to you, making you feel stupid and more confused than you were before, because it’s obvious he’s never struggled with money. 

I’m a woman who has struggled with debt on a tight income, felt like a failure when it came to budgeting, and cried at the grocery store because I overspent. AGAIN.

I just wanted a better life for my family.

Without money stress. 

Just like you. 

Charissa Quade

I totally understand what it feels like to be stressed and worried about money. I used to really struggle with that too before I learned what I know now about managing money well.

I've paid off all my debt in less than two years, 10 years ago, saved up and paid $79,755 in cash for my husband's school and now handle money with peace of mind and confidence.

I can teach you the same plan I've used to help over 1,640 women, just like you, create a better financial future for their families and feel really confident with handling money, without saying no to all the things they need or want. 

They've been able to finally stick to a budget, pay off tens of thousands in debt in a couple of years, and put money aside into savings. 

But most importantly they've been able to gain peace of mind, confidence with handling money, and change their financial future.

Money management isn't bad. It's simple, doable steps, in 30 minutes or less, that get real results. 

You can do this! 

Isn't it time to change your financial future?

Most women want a better financial future for their families

but they're often worried and stressed out, not sure if there's going to be enough for groceries.

At Change Your Finances, I've created a Biblical framework that simplifies money and helps women gain confidence. 

When you have confidence with handling money, you have financial peace,  you can take

care of your family's needs, and you can make an impact.  

What do I get if I join Money Builders Inner Circle?

Weekly Needle Movers

Each week, you'll get ONE Needle Mover. A quick tip to improve your finances in 30 minutes OR LESS

These tips WILL help you

  • stick to a budget
  • save money
  • pay off debt 
  • learn Biblical wisdom about finances

You can do them when it's most convenient for you!

Now you can have confidence in managing your finances AND spend more time doing the things you love with your family.

With the tips you teach inside Money Builders Inner Circle, even if you apply just one of them. You will start to see the numbers moving in the downward direction not the upward direction. Pam

Bi-Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls

Get the encouragement, accountibility, and support you NEED to change your finances.

You got questions. I've got answers! (judgement free zone here!)

AND loads of encouragement to help you move past what's holding you back whether you need

  • a simple strategy,
  • or a mindset shift,
  • or someone you can talk to so you don't feel alone,
  • or a friend to do a happy dance with you because of your amazing progress!

You're not alone!

I see hope at the end! 

“I bought the whole financial system and joined the Inner Circle because I believe in you and all you have accomplished.  If you could do all you have done, using the tools in the financial system, then I can also change my financial system, using your financial system.  When looking at your accomplishments, I see hope at the end of the debt free tunnel. I see a change in my mind to want to save.  You, your financial tools, being with a group, and the Inner Circle, all are slowly resetting my mind from spending to savings.”  Debbie

You don't have to be confused any more

Here's what you'll get inside Money Builders Inner Circle! 

Weekly Doable Tips

Simple weekly money tips that are easy to apply so you can create the financial future you've dreamed about- with no repeats! 

Save Time and Money

Each weekly Needle Mover is emailed directly to you and takes less than 30 minutes to do! No searching for hours on the internet trying to find what works. 

Biblical Foundation

Once a month, I'll email you a Bible verse and what I learned about God's principles for managing money and making an impact. You have a beautiful calling on your life and it's time to walk in it.

Guidance and Encouragement

You're not alone. Gain confidence from handling money by learning from someone who's been there too. 

 Every win is celebrated here! 

Member-Only Discounts

Member-only discounts on tools to simplify your money in the Change Your Finances Shop!

Clarity and Personalized Feedback

Get your personal questions answered LIVE on our bi-weekly group coaching calls. I'll give you personalized feedback and clarity on what to do next for your specific situation. 

I'm very thankful for that wake-call

 I am very thankful for that wake up call that I received in the program! Just want to celebrate paying off one credit card completely today! Thanks for your guidance to make this possible!! I've made headway in ways I wouldn't have on my own. I thank you for the care and the investment you make in people! -Pam

Sign Up For Money Builders Inner Circle

Get a simple money tip emailed weekly - easy to apply in less than 30 minutes!

Get Control

Get control of your money once and for all! You're in charge. 

Get Peace of Mind

Eliminate worry and stress as you confidently handle money, creating a better financial future for your family. 

You want to be financially free

At Change Your Finances, I know you are the kind of woman who want to be financially free. In order to be that way, you need to get control of your money. The problem is you don't know the right way to handle money, which makes you feel overwhelmed, stressed out and discouraged. 

I believe that life's too short to struggle with money, barely making ends meet, buried under mountains of debt, with little to no savings. You shouldn't have to live like that! 

I understand what it feels like to panic over the thought of money. That's why I break down handling money into bite-sized steps that anyone can do. Here's how it works, join Money Builders Inner Circle, get control of your money, and get peace of mind. 

So join Money Builders Inner Circle, so you can stop being overwhelmed by money and start handling it with peace of mind and confidence. You CAN have the financial future for your family you've dreamed about!

I remain debt free today with freedom and peace of mind

I had numerous credit card debts,some decades old and I felt trapped in a spiraling cycle of debt with no way out. But finally, I was debt free due largely in part to the good financial counselling and encouragement I received from Charissa. . Today I remain debt free and have freedom, peace of mind and a sense of being able to control my finances.


Join The Money Builders' Inner Circle Today

Here's what you'll get


Transform your finances with a Biblical perspective




  • Easy, One-Step, Weekly Needle Movers 
  • Live Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls With Charissa
  • Guidance and Encouragement 
  • Member-Only Discounts
  • Financial Peace of Mind 

Secure Payment

This is for you if...

You want to be able to enjoy life without the constant stress of watching every penny.

Want to build a life-long plan to stick to a budget, pay off mountains of debt, have money in your savings account for emergencies, repairs, and the fun things. 

You want to give generously and have the opportunity (and the extra money) to make a impact in the world around you. 

You want to manage your money God's way and live out the full calling He's given you. 

Things are getting better. 

Things are getting better. I’m not as discouraged as when I first joined your group. Obviously it’s the power of prayer. We no longer charge things except for true emergencies. We’ve pretty much stopped. I truly am working on it and it feels really good.Thank you.


Burning Q's other women have asked before grabbing their access!

What will I get in Money Builders Inner Circle? 

What kind of money tips are they? 

How do I know Money Builders' will work for me?

When would the payments be charged to me each month? 

Can I quit any time? 

Is there a reminder to pay every month? 

How much time will this take? 

Why should I pay for tips to help me pay off debt and save money?

What makes the Money Builders Inner Circle different from other membership sites? 

Are results typical or guaranteed?

Is this a faith-based group? 

Is Money Builders' just for women? 

Do I have to show up for the LIVE Q+A Calls? 

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm giving you simple weekly money tips that are easy to apply and have been proven to work so you can have the financial future you dream about for your family.  But, if you feel like The Money Builders Inner Circle isn't a good fit for you in the first 30 days, send me a note and I'll gladly refund your payment. 

Imagine what it would feel like to confidently be in control of your money with a solid plan that’s easy to follow each month. Becoming debt free and having savings in the bank. You have the freedom to use your money to impact your family and community with peace of mind.

Life's too short to just work and pay bills.

Join The Money Builders' Inner Circle Today

It's the first time I've been able to give generously

"Hi Charissa, today is a day of celebration, that took me almost 3 years to get too, but I paid off all my debt. With the sale of several high value items, I was able to become debt free. I followed your recommendation of paying off the smallest card first, kept them paid off and didn't use them again. Then one by one I was able to do it. Plus I was able to pay cash for my air conditioner without financing it. Thank you for ministering to me about my finances. It's the first time in a long time, that I've been able to give generously and it feels really good. You're a part of my celebration."



Transform your finances with a Biblical perspective




  • Easy, One-Step, Weekly Needle Movers
  • Live Bi-Weekly Q+A Chats With Charissa
  • Guidance and Encouragement 
  • Member-Only Discounts
  • Financial Peace of Mind 

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