I'm blessed to work with amazing women to help them manage their finances in a way creates a Biblical financial legacy to their children's children. Read some of their accomplishments! 

In 3 weeks my life has been turned around! 

Charissa helped me develop a plan of action and to my shock---it works! She cut through all the past feelings of money failure, fear and dread into stress-free easy money management! In 3 weeks my life has been totally turned around!


I want to celebrate paying off half my credit cards! 

I am very thankful for that wake up call that I received in the program!

I thank you for the care and the investment you make in people!

 I just want to celebrate paying off half of my credit cards and being able to save $5000 since the beginning of the year! There's light at the end of the tunnel.


It has brought so much peace and freedom into our lives

Through Charissa's tips, my husband and I have been sticking with our budget for over four years.

We have paid off over $50k in debt, paid cash for my Master’s Degree, and have made progress toward our savings goals, all while living on one modest income. Following a prioritized budget has changed our life!

It's brought so much peace and freedom into our lives. 


Real Success Stories from real women 

Making strides!

I applied the information and immediately began seeing results. The step-by-step guidance is easy to follow and implement. The success already seen in just a few weeks is incredible. I highly recommend this program


Left the 'Walk of Shame'!

I feel like I've left the perpetual 'walk of shame' about financial management to join a winning team of successful practicing home economists!  


Paid off $96,000!

Thank you for all the encouragement to pay off debt. We paid off 96,000 in 12 months. 2 incomes and 3 side hustle later we did it! 


Charissa is great! She has helped me get my debt in line and find extra cash!

It helped me get through a slow month! 

My income is so inconsistent, but you shared a lot of really great information and that has stuck with me. We had a slow month recently and I remember you saying that it's ok to sell your things and to look at what you need to do to make more money. To ask God to help you and He will bless you with ideas and opportunities. That helped me get through the slow month!


I saved over $2000! 

I saved over $2000 per month- blown away. I just totaled my 5 days and it’s $2319.73 per month - such good information and awareness of my horrible spending habits!!!


I'm so so so excited and happy with the progress I've made! 

We took the steps to sell one of our rental properties. With the profit we will not only pay off our debt but be able to invest and build on that for our future. I’m so so so excited and happy with the progress I’ve made to control my spending and to really ensure we don’t get to that place again. It’s amazing honestly. So nice to be on this side


Free Gift:

Download the 7 Brilliant Financial Habits Every Woman Needs guide! 

I almost didn't spend money for this course, but I'm so glad I did! Thank you!

I couldn't be happier!


We were able to just pay off 2 bills early totaling $3,370. We have also booked our Disney trip for Sept that we desperately wanted to make happen this year. Trip is paid for and we have about $700 for spending/food so far. (Hoping to at least double that to take with us)

I feel as though we are getting back on track! I couldn't be happier!! Thanks so much for your tips and help!

We did hit a little bit of a bumpy patch with some spending and my heater getting fixed in my car, but I feel as though we are getting back on track! I couldn't be happier!! Thanks so much for your tips and help!

I turned around my money struggles!


 Charissa helped me find Godly foundational truths that completely turned around my money struggles. My overwhelm-scattered-failure feeling has lifted. I know what’s important to live my best life to honor God and my family. Charissa helped me get to the core issues and develop a plan to get there! It’s hard to believe that just 3 weeks ago, I was scattered, confused and had no direction.

I felt like I was talking with an older sister!


She covered topics from bare bones budgeting to multiple income streams to the importance of using busy seasons to enjoy the ones less so. Charissa covered all the topics equally without getting preachy or talking down at the reader. At times this felt like I was speaking with an older sister or mentor.

 Charissa helps us handle our money in a way that is honoring our family and pleasing to God


I cannot say enough about Charissa! Such a friendly person and willing to put things in perspective! I've tried every budget tool, app, and program out there and never really found anything that I really understood! But Charissa explains irregular income in a way that even I can understand it! I finally have an actual budget made up and have a plan for the lean months!


We decided that we spend too much on eating out. So, we are going to be more mindful about that from now on. We no longer charge things except for true emergencies. We’ve pretty much stopped. I truly am working on it and it feels really good. Things are getting better. I’m not as discouraged as when I first joined your group. Obviously it’s the power of prayer.


Thank you so much for your teachings--I can't tell you how grateful I am for all of your help!

Some positive things that are happening--after last week's teaching, it is sinking in that I am valuable and I am capable of making wise money decisions for my family.

Some Ah-ha things the Lord is showing me--He is helping me realize how much of my spending has been rooted in fear--fear of money, but even more, fear of lack. I realize how many money decisions I make that are rooted in fear and fear is not a good foundation in which to base decisions. Heavy, difficult stuff, but I am grateful to see the truth and to now do different because I know different!

Things are becoming clearer and I am learning and understanding the importance of placing my family first.

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