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The Truth Behind Why You're Hitting a Revenue wall, Playing Small in Business, and limiting your legacy

Finally understand what's been keeping you stuck hitting your head against this revenue wall so you can bust through, confidently serve multitudes and cultivate godly wealth! 

Your condensed blueprint to gaining more God-given confidence in all aspects of your business!

If you're an ambitious Christian female entrepreneur, these Biblical based tips will empower you sell boldly, show up powerfully in business, and be excited to create a legacy that lasts for generations. 

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FREE 18 minute video training

This training has been watched by hundreds of other women!

"Until working with Charissa Quade, I had NO idea that my business money mindset was off. Or that I needed help with it. I realized today that since working with Charissa and allowing God's word to transform my business mindset, my confidence has been boosted exponentially!"


"I feel more grounded now. I feel more peace, joy and confidence. For me, money used to have so much emotional baggage attached to it and Charissa helped me cut through all the crazy emotions and think more level-headed."


"I NEEDED to break the generational money mindsets I was passing down to my son. I NEEDED to learn to receive God's generosity. This program is some of the best money I've ever spent!"


Charissa Quade

I totally understand what it feels like to worry if it's ok to make a lot of money as a Christian and was paralyzed by the fear that I was making money into an idol. To have so much fear and shame around money, as well as doubt that I would be successful. 

After over 18 years of being an entrepreneur and a  decade of studying the Bible on the topic of money and business, I've created a framework to empower Christian Female Entrepreneurs to break down the limiting money beliefs that are keeping them from MULTIPLYING THEIR LEGACY AND WEALTH in ways that honor God. 

Most importantly I've seen how God created money + called it good, how we can mightily reflect His character by partnering with Him in business to make the world a better place, and why He wants to prosper us as Christians.  

FREE 18 minute video training

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