Work with Charissa Quade

Develop the BEST ASSET you could have in your business, a Biblical Money Mindset

This is the only asset that shows you how to partner with God to make the world a better place, brings total confidence in business, and cultivates godly wealth to create a legacy of generosity. 

Becoming a Legacy Builder Method

The #1 money mindset coaching program for Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs that equips you to partner with God + His word, in your business, to serve others and make the world a better place. 

This Scripture-based coaching will teach you 

  • BREAKDOWN - How to get to the root of your limiting money beliefs and break them down
  • BUILD UP - New beliefs that bring confidence in who God has created you to be and the calling He's given you so you can build up your business  
  • BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES - These new beliefs are all based on what the Bible says about money, wealth and business. 
  • BROADEN - Your massive legacy of impact by serving multitudes of clients, wisely stewarding business revenue, and being extremely generous, bringing glory to God. 

You will develop complete confidence In your business, serve multitudes with excellence, and leave a legacy of generosity in ways that reflect God's goodness! 

Money Mindset Breakthrough Acceleration Intensive

Have a money mindset block and need it gone like yesterday? 

In this 90 minute 1:1 intensive, we'll work together to 

  • Identify the top 1-2 limiting money beliefs that are keeping you stuck and hitting that revenue wall RIGHT NOW in your business!
  • Get to the root of these beliefs + finally connect the dots! 
  • Use prayer and the Word of God to BREAK THE HOLD these limiting beliefs have had on you for decades!
  • Equip you with PROVEN SCRIPTURE-BASED STRATEGIES to overcome any other limiting money mindsets that come up. 

This Money Mindset Breakthrough Acceleration Intensive includes a Bibilcal Mindset Power Playlist, Custom Scripture Money Affirmations and one 30 minute follow up call.

Investment is $997.  10 spaces available each month. 

In this intensive, we will partner with the Holy Spirit, use prayer and the Word of God to get you the breakthrough you desire. I commit to providing a safe, supportive space and will guide you every step of the way.  

Clients are desperately praying for the solution you provide, and they need you to BREAKTHROUGH this block so you can answer their prayers!

You shouldn't have to take months or years to breakthrough your limiting money beliefs + the revenue wall they cause. Get BREAKTHROUGH in just 90 minutes!


As a Biblical Financial coach, helping Christian Business Women, I LOVE teaching workshops and breaking down money strategies in simple yet highly effective ways so that everyone can benefit. 

I give ACTIONABLE steps that can be implemented IMMEDIATELY and make women excited to manage their finances. 

Previous workshops include:

  • 3 Ways a Biblical Money Mindset Impacts Your Business
  • 3 Ways to Transform Money Fear Into Confidence
  • 3 Proven Strategies to Budget on an Irregular Income
  • How to Communicate About Money With Your Spouse Without Fighting
  • Budget Bootcamp
  • 4 Ways to Save Money for a Down Payment Quickly and Easily
  • and much more!

If you would like me to teach a workshop for your audience, please email for my rates

Change Your Finances Personal Finance Courses

A wealth of resources that you can go through at your own pace and have life-time access too.

Perfect for the DIY woman who just needs a plan to follow to get control of her finances and wants to go at her own pace.

This System has been responsible for helping thousands of women get control of their money, pay off tens of thousands in debt in a couple of years, and finally get on the path to saving money

What our happy clients are saying

Michelle Debenport

Jumpstart Business Coach

This investment in myself is the BEST Money I've spent! 

I realized I was passing my poor money mindset on to my son. I NEEDED to break the mindset that hasn't allowed me to receive God's generosity. I'm thankful for this moment, this change of mind, and the work God is doing in my heart through Charissa's teaching. This investment in myself is some of the BEST  money I've ever spent! 

Heather Oynes

Personal Finance Coach

My confidence Has Been Boosted Exponentially!!

Since working with Charissa and allowing God's Word to transform my business money mindset, my confidence in my offer, my offer price, and the way I show up on a sales call has been boosted exponentially. I see the value in what I do, the value for the client, and that it IS worth what I'm charging.

Brooke Silberhorn


I'm Excited to Create Wealth and leave a legacy! 

I'm in awe in the ways God speaks to you as far as pieces of Scripture and how it relates to mindsets that people have around money. It's been so helpful! 

I've struggled with value and worth, and my desire to serve people

But now I know my value and am excited to create wealth and leave a legacy! 

Check out the impact Scripture-Based Money Mindset Coaching Has Had on other women!

I loved that you were so sensitive to my needs and walked me through the process. You were a very important part of my growth of getting past feeling 'not enough' and realizing I AM ENOUGH because HE IS ENOUGH in my business. 


WOW! I feel empowered and am confident that through my hard work and the grace of God, I am moving forward in my business, getting out of debt and building a legacy!


I consider it an answer to prayer to have found a sister in Christ with the expertise and wisdom you have in finances and understanding the things that hinder. 


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