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I Empower Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs To Get Past The Beliefs That Making Money Is Bad, Wealth Is Evil, And Other Beliefs That Keep Them From Scaling Their Business + Multiplying Their Legacy In Ways That Honor God


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I've helped hundreds of Christian Female Service-Based Entrepreneurs, just like you

They all want to experience the abundance God has promised, manage their financial blessings from their business wisely and leave a Biblical financial legacy for their children’s children. 

The difference between those who flourish and those who know they’re making good money and still have no idea where it’s all disappeared to, is that the ones who flourish know how to align their money mindsets with Biblical truth.

Money Mindsets That


Establish Generational Financial Blessings


Bring about the inner peace and confidence about money you crave


Reveal God's desire + purpose in abundantly prospering your business

Remember how you started your business

so you could help support your family financially and ease the burden?

It may seem like a mirage,

but believe it or not, with Biblical Money Mindset Coaching, 

you CAN live in the abundance God has promised you in your business 

and create a legacy for your children's children! 

If these challenges sound familiar, it's time for coaching.

Ask yourself:

Do You...

  • Feel guilty for wanting to grow your business, so you can do more for your family? From becoming debt free to taking a nice vacation while the kids are still home.  
  • Wonder if it’s ok for Christians to earn a lot of money and be wealthy? You don't want to be obsessed about money and make it an idol.  
  • Bury yourself in running your business to avoid even looking at your accounts?  The numbers petrify you and you'd rather go to the dentist! 

  • Struggle with asking for the sale and when a sale does come in, find it’s so hard to receive the money? 
  • Contemplate why you’ve always tithed… and still aren’t living in the financial abundance God’s promised? Doubt has crept in and you think you must have done something really bad to be punished.
  • Keep stressing about why no matter what program, app or tool you’ve tried, you still can’t figure out how to manage the business finances? You want a simple formula to tell you exactly where the money should go and when to invest in your business.
  • Know that God has so much more to give you and has told you to get your business finances in order first? But have no idea where to start? 

Time To Experience 

Financial Abundance

haven't you struggled with these money mindsets for waaaay too long?

Biblical view of wealth

Reveal God's desire and purpose in abundantly prospering you in your business

Biblical Money Mindset Coaching

can help you

Live and experience the abundance that God has promised

Healthy view of money

Overcome money trauma and twisted money beliefs from your past. 

Develop a Legacy Building Strategy

Leave a legacy for your children's children. Make an impact in your community.

Create a Business financial Abundance plan

So you know exactly how to manage the financial resources that come into your business confidently


Bring about the inner peace and confidence about money you crave

Resources for the Christian Female Entrepreneur

The truth behind why you've hit a revenue wall, play small in your business, and limit your legacy 

Discover what's keeping you stuck, why you continue to allow it to happen, and why you need to implement the #1 fastest way to scale your business and multiply your legacy in ways that honor God, TODAY!

Christian Business Women Creating a Financial Legacy FB Group! 

Looking for a safe and supportive community of other  Christian Female Entrepreneurs who are aligning their money mindsets with Biblical truth?

Work with Charissa

If you want to align your money mindsets with Biblical truth, but don't know where to start, you're in the right place! 

As a Biblical Money Mindset Coach, I'll help experience the financial abundance God has promised you in your business and create a legacy for your children's children! 

Becoming a Legacy Builder Program

If you...

Are an established Christian female service-based entrepreneur who gets EXCITED about applying Biblical truth to your business, finances and mindset.  

And you're ready to take ACTION immediately to get a handle on your business finances by aligning your money mindset with the Bible (not just consume information).  

Know you need to RENEW your beliefs about money and want to ALIGN them with the Word of God (for lasting financial transformation)

BELIEVE that you are called to be a wise steward of the money you’ve been given. To honor God, provide for your family, grow your business, enjoy the fruits of your labor, cultivate wealth, and be incredibly generous.

Are COMMITTED to breaking generational financial curses and establishing generational financial blessings

Want to leave a Biblical financial LEGACY to your children’s children, using your business as the means to do this.  

My Becoming a Legacy Builder Coaching Program is perfect for you!

Change Your Finances Courses

A wealth of resources that you can go through at your own pace and have life-time access too.

Perfect for the DIY woman who just needs a plan to follow to get control of her finances and wants to go at her own pace.

This System has been responsible for helping thousands of women get control of their money, pay off tens of thousands in debt in a couple of years, and finally get on the path to saving money


As a Biblical Money Mindset Coach, I LOVE teaching workshops and breaking down money strategies in simple yet highly effective ways so that everyone can benefit. 

I give ACTIONABLE steps that can be implemented IMMEDIATELY and make women excited to manage their finances. 

Topics I love talking about:

  • Biblical money mindsets and principles
  • Business finances
  • Personal finances
  • How women can be wise in handling their finances so they can honor God, impact their families and communities. 
  • How to communicate  with your spouse about money without fighting
  • How to set up a simple and highly effective budget that gives you back control of your money
  • How to manage an irregular income and thrive
  • How to pay off debt even quicker than you even thought possible
  • How to save money on daily expenses 
  • How to save for long-term goals 

 am happy to discuss your needs and see if my message fits your audience.

Previous workshops include: 

  • 3 Ways a Biblical Money Mindset Impacts Your Business 
  • 3 Ways to Transform Money Fear Into Confidence
  • 3 Proven Strategies to Budget on an Irregular Income
  • How to Communicate About Money With Your Spouse Without Fighting
  • Budget Bootcamp
  • 4 Ways to Save Money for a Down Payment Quickly and Easily
    and much more!

If you would like me to teach a workshop for your audience, please email Charissa@changeyourfinances.com for my rates and availablilty. 

I've been where you are.

I totally understand what it feels like to be stressed and worried about money. I used to really struggle with that too before I learned what I know now about managing money well.

I've paid off all my debt in less than two years, in 2010, saved up and paid $79,755 in cash for my husband's school.

All while being the sole provider for family as a business owner for 10+ years. 

Now I handle money with peace of mind and confidence. 

I've helped over 2,200 women overcome money struggles and gain financial peace with a Biblical perspective.

I believe that when a woman, like you, gets control of her money, she becomes confident and realize she's capable of making wise financial decisions for her family

This improves her relationships with her family. And a she builds up her family's finances, she is then able to use her resources to impact her community. She changes the world!

I can help you too!

I achieve this mission by helping my coaching clients impliment my 4B strategy to get crystal clear on how to:


BREAK through negative money mindsets and beliefs


BUILD up your finances with a Business Financial Abundance Plan


BROADEN your Legacy Building Strategy within your business


All through applying BIBLICAL principles

There are simple changes you can make today that will create a Biblical financial legacy possible

You want peace of mind about finances.

You want to be a wise steward of the money God has given you. 

You want to break generational curses and establish generational blessings. 

You're ready to take action and get quick results. 

Below are the 3 steps you need to take in order to start managing your money with PEACE and CONFIDENCE in both your personal and business finances!


During your complimentary Financial Legacy Breakthrough Call, you'll learn exactly what's been keeping you stuck. 


I'll support you every step of the way as you align your money mindset with the Bible. 


Use your business to pass down a financial legacy to your children’s children.

Real Success Stories

Charissa helped me develop a plan of action and to my shock---it works! She cut through all the past feelings of money failure, fear and dread into stress-free easy money management! Now I WANT to spend time budgeting because I love the feeling of peace and knowing that my bills are paid on time and I know exactly where my money is going. In 3 weeks my life has been totally turned around!


I am very thankful for that wake up call that I received in the program!

I thank you for the care and the investment you make in people!

 I just want to celebrate paying off half of my credit cards and being able to save $5000 since the beginning of the year! There's light at the end of the tunnel.


Through Charissa's tips, my husband and I have been sticking with our budget for over four years.

We have paid off over $50k in debt, paid cash for my Master’s Degree, and have made progress toward our savings goals, all while living on one modest income. Following a prioritized budget has changed our life!

It's brought so much peace and freedom into our lives. 



3 Limiting Money Beliefs that Keep You From Creating Biblical Wealth Guide

(95% of all Christian Female Entrepreneurs struggle with at least one belief)

With this free guide, you will see what the TOP 3 limiting money beliefs Ambitious Christian Female Entrepreneurs struggle with AND get a proven framework that empowers you to OVERCOME these beliefs quickly!

More Success Stories!


I applied the information in the "Change Your Finances" program and immediately began seeing results. The step-by-step guidance is easy to follow and implement. The success already seen in just a few weeks is incredible. I highly recommend this program


Charissa's materials are more than 'user friendly'--I feel like I've left the perpetual 'walk of shame' about financial management to join a winning team of successful practicing home economists!  


Thank you for all the encouragement to pay off debt. We paid off 96,000 in 12 months. 2 incomes and 3 side hustle later we did it! 

Gain Confidence With Money

Realize you ARE capable of making wise financial decisions for your family! 

Leave A Legacy

Use your financial skills and resources to leave a legacy of generational blessings and generosity.

Build Up Your Finances

Easily manage your money, pay off debt and save in both personal and business! 


  • Are you a Christian Business Woman wanting to surround yourself with other women committed to aligning their money with their Biblical values? 
  • If so, Then Join My FREE FB Group, Christian Woman Creating a Financial Legacy!

I care about you.

You shouldn't have to struggle with money mindsets for the rest of your life.

Here's what you can expect when you work with me
  • Create a Legacy Builder Business Financial Plan 
  • Gain confidence with handling money immediately
  • Manage business cash flow 
  • Pay off business debt quickly

  • Create business savings
  • Create a Legacy Strategy for your business 
  • Able to give generously
  • Have more money to bring home to your family

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